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Classes + Workshops

Clare offers courses to help spiritually-inclined and magickally-curious folks establish foundations of an intuitively-aligned embodied spiritual practice.


In focusing on healing relationships to Mama Earth, to ancestors and folkways, and to more-than-human kin, these workshops support you in reconnecting with your innate magick and aligning with your highest path. 


Informed by a decade of academic study, years of lived-experience, and Spirit-led insight, Clare’s courses offer tangible, easily accessible guidance on how to transform your spiritual practice, find personal meaning, and re-enchant your world. 


Starting in Spring of 2023, workshops will be offered online, as well as in-person at the SummerMoon yoga studio in Sacramento, CA.

Past Offerings


House Magick

The Art of Enchanting Your Home

For millennia, the hearth and home has been considered a sacred space, the powerful center from which the emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing of the family drew strength. It is the domain of folk spirituality and practical magick - of the informal domestic power that ensures the health and harmony of the self and family, guests, and the extended community.

House Magick is based on the concept that living your life is a spiritual act, and that the art of merging magick and the mundane through bringing intention and ritual into your everyday life is a meaningful way to connect with your power, your spirituality, and the magick flowing throughout the world.


During this gathering, we’ll discuss ways to build a relationship with the spirits of your home and the land on which it resides, as well as practices to infuse magick into your everyday life. In addition to exploring rituals for cultivating and harmonizing the energy of your home, we’ll conclude with a meditation in which you are guided to set energetic protection around your home. Through these practices, you’ll feel confident in your ability to integrate magick into the mundane and to craft a nourishing, protected, and enchanted home.

Saturday, October 21st at 2pm

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Roots + Ritual

Connecting with the Magick of Our Ancestors

As many of us navigate this profound, collective Awakening, we’re faced with a dilemma on how to honor and deepen our spiritual practice when the available paths no longer resonate with our soul. 


Given the options of the post-Enlightenment Scientific Paradigm or structured religious traditions, many people who identify as “spiritual but not religious” have pivoted towards an individualized eclectic practice, New Age trends, or borrowing from Eastern or Indigenous-American traditions. Unfortunately, these alternatives have their own potential pitfalls. 


Rather than finding a spiritual home in cultures and practices outside our own, exploring and embodying the cultural and spiritual ways of our ancestry offers a profound sense of identity, meaning, belonging, and connection in a world that keeps us devastatingly separate, isolated, and lonely. Reconnecting with our ancestors, their lore, and their customs also allow us to source our most potent spiritual power - our bodies and souls remember the magick of our ancestors. 


In this offering, we’ll delve into a variety of practices to help you explore and cultivate relationship with the history, folklore, traditions, and culture of your ancestral lineage, all of which help you lay the groundwork for creating an ancestrally-rooted spiritual practice. We will incorporate intellectual, cultural, and magickal perspectives into our approach to lineage-work, concluding with a guided meditation in which we invite in connection and communication with ancestors or spirit guides. 

Please note: Ancestor work is available to all people, regardless if you are disconnected from your family of origin or have lost genealogical knowledge due to adoption, displacement, or collective trauma. We’ll discuss some of the ways to navigate these difficulties as well. 

Saturday, July 8th at 4pm at the Summer Moon Yoga Studio


Energetic Boundaries

Do you find yourself feeling the emotions of your close friends and family? Are you immediately aware of the vibe of any room that you walk into? Do you feel energetically assaulted when you walk into busy stores, or like the mood of the lady behind you in the grocery line seems to catch and follow you home? You, my friend, might benefit from stronger energetic boundaries.


Establishing an energetic hygiene practice that cleanses, protects, and affirms your energetic sovereignty allows you to feel calm, safe and stable in your own energy. When you practice consistent energetic hygiene, you are more likely to act in alignment with your intrinsic boundaries, to be attuned to your intuition, and to be empowered in authentic self-expression. 


Through this workshop, we will explore three categories of energetic hygiene, including energetic clearing and cleansing, protection and shielding, and astral boundaries. Our discussion will examine the purpose and value of energetic boundaries, guidance on a variety of practices within each category, as well as a guided meditation in which participants will create personal astral boundaries around their own energetic field.


By the end of the session, you will be empowered with practices that encourage you to reclaim your mental, emotional, and intuitive sovereignty, allowing you to feel more grounded and calm in mind, body and spirit. 


Saturday, June 24 at 2:00pm at the Summer Moon yoga studio

Seasons + Cycles

Reconnecting with the Rhythms of the Earth

For millennia, humans lived in deep connection with the rhythms of the earth, marking the passage of time through the rising and setting sun, the waxing and waning of the moon, the spring blossom and autumn harvest. As modern humans, we have become increasingly disconnected from these natural cycles, leaving us over-extended, burned-out, and out of energetic alignment. In remembering our place as part of nature, reconnecting with the power of cyclical living, and incorporating seasonal and earth-based rituals into our practice, we can reawaken our intuition and reconnect with a very ancient, very human rhythm. 


In this workshop, we will unpack the ways in which the Gregorian calendar perpetuates extractive ways of living, as well as explore the many ways that the cycles of birth, growth, harvest, release, and rest are mirrored in the natural world, including women’s menstruation, the lunar cycle, the seasons, and the cosmos. We will then walk through the process of creating an intuitive, personal “wheel of the year” that incorporates personal energetic rhythms, land-based practices, and ancestral traditions. 


If you’re excited to learn how to step out of linear time and embrace the potent magick of spiralic living, join me on Saturday, April 22nd at the Summer Moon Yoga Studio for this two-hour workshop. 

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