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Ritual Jewelry

Intention Amplification + Crystal Therapy Jewelry


What are
Ritual Beads?

Ritual beads are a nearly ubiquitous practice across time and cultures, best known as Hindu and Buddhist malas, Muslim tisbah, and Catholic rosaries. Made from materials such as wood, seeds, plastic, glass, metal, and semi-precious gemstones, ritual beads have been used for millennia to count breath, deepen a meditative practice, to make offerings to Spirit, and to energetically amplify intentions. Bead practices represent the deeply human desire to connect with tangible, held objects as part of a spiritual practice.

Informed by these ancient devotional practices, these magick necklaces are a contemporary form of ritual beads that connect us to the body, to Spirit, and to our magickal intentions. 


Infused with knot-magic, which anchor intentions into physical form, and aided by crystal allies, these beads are more than just jewelry and talismans - 


They are living spells


They amplify and actively assist in alignment with their prescribed intentions, allowing for transformation in body, mind, and spirit. 


They are magick made tangible, to be called upon in crisis, infused into a daily practice, and collaborated with to bring about transformation.

StillWaterWitch Designed Beads

Our channeled ritual jewelry pieces are meant to help re-enchant your world and connect to the magic all around us. Inspired by the elements, the moon, more-than-human kin, the Earth, and Spirit. They help deepen your relationship with these kin while encouraging a grounded and embodied magickal practice. 


Each set of Spell Beads is accompanied by a tumbled stone and a channeled activation affirmation or spell.

The Moon Series

The Elemental Series


Custom Designed Beads

StillWaterWitch offers custom ritual jewelry pieces that are individually channeled to support your specific practice. They can be designed to amplify individual intentions and goals, as devotional offerings to personal deities, as a way to deepen your relationship with specific types of magic, to commemorate an important moment in your life, for ceremonial contexts, or simply to honor your innate magic. 

After submitting payment, please fill out this form detailing intentions, meaning, or story you’d like your Spell Beads to reflect.

As a custom product, please allow up to 2 weeks for creation and shipping.

"I live with chronic illness and I asked Clare to create a set of beads that were focused on healing and grounding energy. She worked with me as we discussed every stone included and their specific energetic function. The result was better than I had imagined - Clare created a tangible spell that has since become a touchstone in all of my healing work.
The necklace I received is pure magick. It is STUNNING and the quality of the stones is fantastic. The weight and feel of it keeps me grounded in my ritual, and focusing on the feel and energy of the stones brings me back to the moment when my mind tends to wander.
It is one of my most prized magickal tools and now holds a place of honor on my altar. I cannot say enough good things about the entire experience, from start to finish."

Lauren C.

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