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The Waxing Moon reflects the intentions of growth, abundance, and following threads. It is a time of conscious engagement, aligned action, and external expressions of internal change. When we work with the energies of the Waxing Moon, we catalyze our intentional transformations and manifest change in tangible ways.


These crystal-therapy beads assist us in cultivating a calm, optimistic mindset, and tapping into our intuitive, creative well-spring. From this place of of playful self-assuredness, we can actively transform ours lives, manifest our dreams and call in abundance in all its forms.



Crystal Properties:
Opalite (opalized glass) enhances peace, tranquility, and self-assuredness. It offers it’s wearers a youthful optimism, playfulness and resilience, opening one up to new possibilities and abundant flow.

Selenite is the ultimate cleansing stone, banishing negative energies and infusing with bright energetic light. It helps us create a clean energetic slate, clearing the way for our new endeavors to shine.

Moonstone deepens our relationship to the Goddess energy and the divine feminine. It connects us to our intuition, unconscious worlds, and subtle, sensitive magic of the Moon. Peach Moonstone radiates warm, feminine energy and the felt sense of internal safety. It illuminates dreams and visions, allowing us to surrender to divine trust, follow synchronicities, and intuit the path forward.

Labradorite offers deep connection to our innate mystical and intuitive abilities. It’s a stone that bridges the gap between dimensions, allowing us to spiritually expand through tapping into cosmic creative energy.


Product Details:

108 bead necklace, hand-knotted with silk thread

8mm crystal beadsApproximately 43", with 3.5" drop silky tassel

Opalite, Selenite, Peach Moonstone, and Labradorite


Item is made to order.

Please allow 2 weeks for creation and shipping.

Waxing Moon

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