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The Waning Moon embodies the energy of recalibration, release, and shadow work. It is a time when we begin to slow down, turn inward, and reflect on the growth of the past season. The Waning Moon is a period in which we connect with our subconscious, and more easily access the shadowy, unseen worlds.


These crystal-therapy beads offer you support in clearing and releasing energies that are no longer serving you, while helping you align to your subconscious, intuitive knowing.



Crystal Properties:

Obsidian is both a powerful anchor and a sword against negative energies. Harnessing the energies of the deep earth and underworld, its sharpness offers protection and enforces boundaries to be centered in your own energetic body. 


Grey Moonstone supports us as we navigate the unseen realms beyond the thinning veil. It’s a crystal that offers access to the unconscious and shadowlands of the soul. Grey Moonstone reminds us that, while we need not fear the darkness, and there are some perspectives only illuminated through moonlight.


Grey Agate is a gentle, calming stone that allows for conscious engagement with the emotional body and the physical world, allowing us balance and perspectives of “living in the grey.”


Selenite is the ultimate cleansing stone, banishing negative energies and infusing with bright energetic light. It is a crystal of the higher energetic realms.  


Clear Quartz is understood as the Master Healer of crystals. It is a powerful amplifier of intentions, clears the aura, and invites in energetic flow. 



Product Details:

108 bead necklace, hand-knotted with silk thread

8mm crystal beads

Approximately 43", with 3.5" drop silky tassel

Obsidian, Grey Moonstone, Grey Agate, Selenite, Clear Quartz


Item is made to order.

Please allow 2 weeks for creation and shipping.

Waning Moon

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