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The New Moon, in her first sliver of light, reflects values of hope, faith, optimism, and opportunity. It is a period of planting seeds, new beginnings, and the gentle cultivation of your intentions. When living in New Moon energy, we are at particularly potent time of imagination and potentiality, on the threshold of transforming our lives and bringing dreams to fruition.


These crystal therapy beads assist us in grounding into calm, balanced internal landscapes while offering mystical and intuitive insights. From this quiet place and creatively potent liminal space, we can more fully attune to the messages our guides and Spirit, to align and manifest our highest potential.



Crystal Qualities: 
Moonstone deepens our relationship to the Goddess energy and Divine feminine. It connects us to our intuition, unconscious worlds, and subtle, sensitive magick of the Moon. The rainbow moonstone variety is particularly attuned to cosmic consciousness and mystical insight.

Grey Agate is a gentle, calming stone that allows for conscious engagement with the emotional body and the physical world, allowing us balance and perspectives of “living in the grey.”

Labradorite’s offers deep connection to our innate mystical and intuitive abilities. It’s a stone that bridges the gap between dimensions, allowing us to spiritually expand through tapping into cosmic creative energy.

Onyx is a calming stone that encourages inner-strength (particularly strengthening the soul-core), focus, and self-mastery. It is grounding and stabilizing, protecting it’s wearers from negative outside influences.


Product Details: 

108 bead necklace, hand-knotted with silk thread

8mm crystal beads

Approximately 43", with 3.5" drop silky tassel

Moonstone, Grey Agate, Labradorite, Onyx


Item is made to order. Please allow 2 weeks for creation and shipping. 


New Moon

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