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The Still Water Witch

Clare is an evolutionary astrologer, ceremonialist, folk witch and educator.


Having always considered herself “spiritual” and drawn to all things metaphysical, Clare completed a Bachelors and Masters degree in Religious Studies, focusing specifically on the topics of Pilgrimage, Ritual Theory, and the intersection of religion and healing. After spending years teaching university-level courses, but becoming increasingly detached from her own spiritual center, Clare left academia to find a path that supported her being more fully in alignment with her gifts. 

Clare’s continued exploration of deeper healing in all realms, including somatic, emotional, spiritual and physical, acted as a catalyst for her intuitive awakening. This builds upon Clare’s years-long practice of eclectic European folk magick, in which she utilizes crystals, astrology, energy work, fire magick, house magick, and general hedge-witchery. In 2023 she completed an11-month spiritual mentorship, focusing on energy work, honing her clair-senses, exploring her own magick within ceremonial space, as well as ethically cultivating and navigating her relationship with plant medicine as a woman of European ancestry. In 2024, Clare completed Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship Level 1 under the mentorship of Starcrow Astrology

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