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Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary astrology is a modern branch of astrology predicated on the idea that we, as humans, live many, many lives, and that our Soul’s intention is to evolve through each lifetime. Through orienting the natal chart to the North and South Node, Evolutionary Astrology not only gives us hints about our karmic past and unresolved wounds, but also provides a blueprint and guide for how to expand beyond our karmic patterning and fulfill our soul’s evolutionary intention. 


In this way, our birth charts reflect our Soul Contract - the lessons, experiences, and growth opportunities we’ve elected to encounter and heal in this lifetime. Through study of our natal chart, we more deeply understand our shadows and liabilities, our gifts and our Highest Potential, and the challenging experiences and invitation for healing that we will encounter over and over throughout this lifetime. 


From an Evolutionary Astrology perspective, our chart acts as an instruction manual, a guide for navigating the wild experience of Earth School. And through it, we can find a more deep sense of radical self-acceptance, as well as alignment with our Soul’s highest potential.

Astrology Readings

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