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Still Water Witch

Magick + Ritual

to Re-enchant Your World


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Courses + Workshops

Classes to guide you in crafting personal embodied spiritual practices, align with the energies of the Earth and Spirit, and play with your intuition and magick

Evolutionary Astrology

Natal chart readings to explore your karmic past, the evolutionary intent of your present incarnation, and gifts and liabilities that you carry with you on your journey

Ritual Jewelry

Custom designed and knotted spell beads to amplify individual intention and magic. Infused with knot-magic, which anchor intentions into physical form, and aided by crystal allies, these beads are living spells


Meet the Witch

Clare is an eclectic witch, evolutionary astrologer, ceremonialist, and educator. She's also neurodivergent, highly sensitive, manages chronic illness, and is deep in an Intuitive awakening and honing her clair-senses. She's been practicing folk magick for 7+ years, and has always been ‘spiritual’ and drawn to all things Metaphysical. Her spiritual practice is centered upon reconnecting to the folkways of her European ancestors, reestablishing relationship with Mama Earth and more-than-human kin, evolutionary astrology, moon magick, candle and fire magick, crystals, shadow work, and general hedge-witchery.

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